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Post by Thunderboy » Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:41 pm

For those of you with out Facebook... We started a competition there!

Here is the post i made last Friday.
So if you need some inspiration. Join in the time frame.
Please note that you can not enter here....


Hi Commanders & Admirals,
So with all the new boxes (soon) coming out, we liked to go and do a bit of a competition. Assemble and paint a full 1000pts army or fleet, in 12 weeks.

Please post below here a photo of what you will enter including a armylist. Photo’s must show either NIB, sprues or already constructed in BASE COAT at the most. So see this as a challenge to start or finish that army/fleet you have in your pile of models! Or just bought new as a starterbox! As both fleet& zone can make those at 1000pts. You can only enter in 1 competition, so choose wisely! And rest assured, admins are not allowed 😉
Then before 12 weeks are up, pm me your list & best photo(s) of your finished fleet/army. So that’s 29th of May as a deadline!

Determining the winner? Well through voting on the Group pages of course! The admin team will make a top 20 (max number of photo’s in a poll) and that poll will be open until 4 weeks after the deadline to enter. That’s 26th of June. Please post the progress of your fleets& armies on the show& tell Tuesday’s, your blogs, forums and other social media! We love seeing WIP’s! Use hashtag #SpringDropComp

So what about prize support you say?Well we’ve asked around a bit.
TTCombatt: Top secret! I don't even know. But it's promised to be good!
DEEP-CUT STUDIO: Custom dice trays for the winners with your factions logo! And a 20% discount code for all contestants on their web-store
The Army Painter: A great paint set for each of the winners!

So please give these great companies a LIKE on their Facebook pages, if you haven’t already! And good luck to all!

****GENERAL NOTICE after Questions****

Do not add CV/AV, you're not painting those anyway 😉

1000pts is not strictly needed, there's a margin of + & - 50 pts.

You may kitbash/convert 1 unit/ship type. No proxying.

Good luck and sorry for the inconvenience

**** END OF NOTICE *****
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