Shaltari Gates

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Shaltari Gates

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In the old rules gates played differently than normal transport, especially in the ability to teleport units across the battlefield. I take it this rule is now gone? Am I correct in assuming that Shaltari gates now act just like other faction transports?

Also, the Teleport rules in the Army Builder do not make sense to me:
"When a unit carrying an Objective embarks into this unit, their Objectives are left behind. This unit counts as Carrying the Objective (even though Aircraft aren't usually allowed to carry Objectives). If this unit is destroyed while carrying an Objective, the Objective is also destroyed. When a squad disembarks from this unit they may automatically take the Objective."

This reads to me that they can not carry objectives on to Gates. The Haven Gate has the same rule wording. So how do Shaltari take objectives off the board? Or are these misprints?

Can anyone explain this to me?

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Re: Shaltari Gates

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You need to move your transport of the board. (Something to do with a tractor beam on the transports) As just putting the objective in holding would give Shaltari to big an advantage.

As to the gates, all transports of all factions are now in a poll, like the Shaltari in V1.
Shaltari gates can still transfer units across the board. Basically the same as V1
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