Small cost, big gain

Stories set in the Dropverse.
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Small cost, big gain

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Hi Folks,
I wrote this just before Phase 2 came out and never published it.
Still hope you enjoy.

Captain Lia Sidman watched as the timer counted down. She was slumped against her seat, and holding her mangled arm. The impact had thrown her out of her seat. And she thought back to how it all started.

With the Eden system clear of enemy presence, Fleet Intel could start examining Scourge wrecks and even some unfinished ships in the orbital docks. As the old saying goes; Knowledge is power.
And with that some new ideas were hatched. And she had given rise to her current mission.
She had once, in her academy years, managed to capture the flag by knocking an “enemy” out cold and borrowing his uniform. When she saw the halve finished Strix light cruiser in the remains of a dock above Eden, that came back. After they had boarded it, she knew there was no chance in hell that they could control it any time soon. Well not unless they found an adult scourge alive and willing to bound with the ship. As they had found no main controls a human could operate.
She put the idea in her preliminary report anyway. And almost forgot about it. Until she was scanning a debris field with a big sensor hole in the middle. It was the oval shaped which triggered her to use some extra sensors and her own eye’s. At first she saw noting, until she let the computer center on the oval. Then she saw a big front end of a ship, with a large spine on it. Intel had already been confirmed that the Scourge had stealth cruisers. But had not captured any working system. This was big and Lia knew it. She immediately directed a recovery barge toward it. And notified her superiors. Because she had formed a plan in her head, making an hybrid ship.
That way more intel could be gathered in Scourge owned systems.

Admiral Chang had another idea. Recon had already given them a couple of very large dockyards that where in use. One was in the outer reaches of the system. Jupiter’s moon Europa was a critical source of clean H20 for the Scourge and that was to be the first target. It would be a volunteer only mission. As the ship would, after the attack on Europa, be used as an torpedo aimed at the main dock above Earth. This would be dealing two strategical blows, with one stone. An San Francisco cruiser would be fitted with the stealth system on the front, after the troop bays were removed. And extra side fines would be added to. So it at least had the outline of Scourge cruiser. The guns would no longer be able to shoot forward, but this could be overcome by pointing them to the rear. Besides them would be 2 torpedoes, also pointed at the rear. The plan was to bypass the Europa spacestation and then fire both torpedoes at it, and have the guns fire at the impact point of the torpedoes, to maximizes the damage they could do. Then amid the chaos go max thrust followed by running silent and coasting in to Earth.

The Nazaire was shaking. And that jolted Lia out of her thoughts.
“Well the first part of that worked out ok, but the running silent was a nightmare. And now I’m sitting here hoping the core overload will be completed before the Scourge can drag us away.” She had gone max trust heading for the biggest station the sensors had detected. And then ordered to start the core overload. It had only just activated when they impacted. The timer was preset to 5 minutes. 3 of which had now passed. And nothing could be done now. The gunnery crews and been evacuated in the outer reaches, to be picked up by a Lysander scout ship. Lia gritted her teeth as she tried to get up. “Sh*t sh*t sh*t. I almost forgot the automated countermeasures!” She got into her seat and tried to start her command console. “Dammit you piece of sh*t, start the f#ck up!” And then it did. As she flipped quickly through the command options, she heard the bridge door exploding. And she fell over the console. When she half got up, she saw a Destroyer walking in. She panicked and just started hitting the console, hoping to hit the right command. Then the Destroyer fired and Lia was no more.
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