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Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:41 pm
by Thunderboy
For those of you with out Facebook... We started a competition there!

Here is the post i made last Friday.
So if you need some inspiration. Join in the time frame.
Please note that you can not enter here....


Hi Commanders & Admirals,
So with all the new boxes (soon) coming out, we liked to go and do a bit of a competition. Assemble and paint a full 1000pts army or fleet, in 12 weeks.

Please post below here a photo of what you will enter including a armylist. Photo’s must show either NIB, sprues or already constructed in BASE COAT at the most. So see this as a challenge to start or finish that army/fleet you have in your pile of models! Or just bought new as a starterbox! As both fleet& zone can make those at 1000pts. You can only enter in 1 competition, so choose wisely! And rest assured, admins are not allowed 😉
Then before 12 weeks are up, pm me your list & best photo(s) of your finished fleet/army. So that’s 29th of May as a deadline!

Determining the winner? Well through voting on the Group pages of course! The admin team will make a top 20 (max number of photo’s in a poll) and that poll will be open until 4 weeks after the deadline to enter. That’s 26th of June. Please post the progress of your fleets& armies on the show& tell Tuesday’s, your blogs, forums and other social media! We love seeing WIP’s! Use hashtag #SpringDropComp

So what about prize support you say?Well we’ve asked around a bit.
TTCombatt: Top secret! I don't even know. But it's promised to be good!
DEEP-CUT STUDIO: Custom dice trays for the winners with your factions logo! And a 20% discount code for all contestants on their web-store
The Army Painter: A great paint set for each of the winners!

So please give these great companies a LIKE on their Facebook pages, if you haven’t already! And good luck to all!

****GENERAL NOTICE after Questions****

Do not add CV/AV, you're not painting those anyway 😉

1000pts is not strictly needed, there's a margin of + & - 50 pts.

You may kitbash/convert 1 unit/ship type. No proxying.

Good luck and sorry for the inconvenience

**** END OF NOTICE *****


Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:29 am
by Thunderboy
Just a reminder for those that didnt see it on Facebook.
The competition entrey has been extended untill 20th of June! Its the last day of spring.
Final day to submit your final photos is 4th of July.

So go give it a crack!