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The new forum!

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So Dave sold his wargames to TTCombat, an exciting development that would ensure the continuation of two excellent games, and the question became: what will happen to the old forum (located here:

Unfortunately, the old forum was not handed over with the sale of Hawk to TTCombat, though it is still running now. I suspect the domain and site hosting is prepaid for some time.

TTCombat weren't interested in setting their own forum. They prefer Facebook and now they also have their TTCommunity website (located here: I exchanged several messages with them and they were happy with a group of volunteers setting up an alternative forum. Now, here we are.

This forum is funded by the volunteer team, those magnificent bastards. We are not officially affiliated with TTCombat. However, I plan to maintain channels of communication with them about all that we're doing here.

There is a group of us, players of the games who volunteered to moderate and support the new forum. We all prefer a forum where you can easily keep track of and find discussion threads over Facebook where messages will disappear in time. Here, we can get the great tradition of the old forum alive with detailed rules discussions, hobby showcases, awesome fanfiction stories and general hobby chit chat.

I'm currently responsible to administer the site and the forum on a technical level. I plan to enhance the site in time, adding new features and ensuring it is mobile friendly.

Please bear with me as I attend to forum improvements in between my other real life commitments. Enjoy and happy gaming!

Peter (aka SwordOfJustice)

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