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Comms question

Post by Mr.prowler »

Lore q here, do the colonies have any form of superluminal communications system? If so, where is it mentioned? Or do ships just jump and relay bursts of data for commands, then pass it along to the next messenger ship?

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Re: Comms question

Post by Thunderboy »

There is a bit about a ship opening a FTL hole i believe in a story somewhere....
Other than that, there would be a need to send ships.
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Re: Comms question

Post by Gauntlet »

Ships generally relay bursts of data by opening FTL portals and sending to receiver.

Presumably, automated relays exist within "fortified" space, such as the UCM's worlds, but such infrastructure isn't normally present on the "front lines".

For security reasons, they may not rely on the existing infrastructure within their domain anyhow, and instead rely on ships that are rotating and moving to new locations for sending and receiving to avoid any form of interception... but that's just conjecture on my part.

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