New Factions ideas

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New Factions ideas

Post by Wolfmire »

I want to know what people think for new factions. I would love to see another alien race, maybe one that makes PHR think they went too far with tech or make the Scourge scared. Maybe surviving Dinos (The race the Scourge used to invade Earth and Humanity) show up and they work as a semi Allie to UCM or Kalium. They turn out to come from a planet that turned off a transponder, which is how they survived. But I feel we will end up seeing Kalium as a playable faction for DzC

But what do others think? You have any faction ideas you want to see or do you want more animals to be in the middle of fights (like daggers)?
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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by draco84oz »

I think they're setting up Kalium to be a more "organised" version of the Resistance - throughout Battle For Earth, there are pics of military vehicles that could easily be Kalium versions of Resistance units. And I'm liking that idea.

The biggest problems with introducing a new faction into a game is having their own playing style, and balancing them against the other factions. 40k is notoriously bad at the latter version, as most new codicies are either too strong compared to the previous ones, completely change the meta, or just completely ineffective.

I'm not saying its not possible, its just - what would be their new niche? Isn't close combat kind of a Scourge thing?

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Egge »

I always thought they would go double faction like they did for the UCM and Resistance.

PHR could have som faction based on transition rules (not existing anymore) where you don't have transports but instead ground and air modes.

Shaltari could have a faction not being able to move but use smaller mini-jumps from smaller gates instead.

The scourge has a lot of variation potential with many different species being taken over during their history. A sea based force, perhaps with male/female version being the ground/air version of the creatures.

But I also think the Dinos are a logical one.

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Bushman101 »

Play-wise, I'd like to see something with a new mechanic all together.

Maybe a faction with a mechanic that 'rewards' models for not moving.....for every inch a model moves, it suffers -1 accuracy. A anti-mobile faction.

As far as looks/art, maybe something along the lines of 'traditional' aliens.....Grays and Flying Saucers. Maybe they aren't invested in the war itself, but use it to abduct and steal technology to further their own knowledge.

Just ideas

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Nobody »

I've always liked the idea that there is a faction made up of the surviving species that the Scourge used. Dinos, whatever was before them, and so on. While they're all bouncing back (however long it takes), the collective memory of the Scourge taking over their homes and the lives of 99% of their kin led them into banding together to try to destroy the Scourge once and for all. Aesthetic would be mixed (Think along the lines of the Covenant from Halo).

Of course, none of the can really handle the fact that humanity appears to be managing to do what they couldn't, and the idea that they won't be the ones to take down the Scourge is unthinkable...

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Mediocrates »

I love the idea of a new faction, and I think the lizards and/or other former Scourge hosts are an obvious basis. For one, they're already in the fluff. Second, they have an obvious and natural motivation to get involved. I suspect that if they do introduce another (non-human) faction, this will be it.

Some random thoughts on general characteristics of such a faction: In terms of the story, the faction would be low in numbers, presumably, due to centuries of warfare and exploitation by the Scourge. Perhaps they've also gone for conversion to full cyborg bodies? The Scourge can't take you over if you literally have no spine/peripheral nervous system! Maybe their zest for revenge impels them to engage in close combat. Their tech would be a melange of scavenged Scourge technology and whatever their tech base pre-jellies looked like.

Just some thoughts trying to draw from the logic of the fluff as it stands. Please discuss/pull it apart.

Fluff-based characteristics aside, this being a game, the more important (IMHO, mileage may vary) consideration is where a new faction would fit in the rules. I've been thinking about a niche for them that wouldn't impinge upon another faction. Here are a few thoughts though, incorporating the above fluff-based characteristics, but focusing on how a new faction might interact with the key elements of the game (presented for discussion - please have at it):

- Main Gimmick: Chameleon cloaks (being lizards and all!) - Both troops and vehicles get an "Evade" like mechanic that makes them harder to hit - but possibly tied to movement. E.g.: Works better when standing still (maybe reverse that?).

- Deployment: Direct deployment from orbit, rather than dropship. Think Space Marine drop pods. Allows them to deploy anywhere on the table, but they have very limited redeployment options. Probably some randomness in deployment, too.

- Mobility: Moderate speed. Probably mainly multi-legged vehicles. No skimmers if going with the chameleon concept.

- Firepower: Focus on close combat. Lots of flame weapons. For support, maybe direct orbital strikes & weaponized drop pods?

I dunno...thinking about it, a lot of this may step on the Scourge's toes, gameplay-wise. Thoughts?
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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Thunderboy »

Dinosaurs, yea makes sense.
Deployment through a capsule/ escape pod would be cool. ( Yes I know, but GW trademark... so needs an other name).

Being reptiles, might be cool to increase/decrease speed and power with temperature, eg the environment rules. Standard being something in the middle.

Speed in general could be done per size. So the biggest are very slow (Think brontosaurus), thinny infantry are very fast. (Think small velocity raptors)
Very dinoriders idea. The Dino's of human size would be the leaders/herder's
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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Kaizecha »

I would think that out of the two games, adding a new faction or sub-faction to DFC would be a lot easier. I like the idea of the Lizard Warriors/Dinos coming back but I wonder if it would work better as an expansion to Resistance/Remnant in future installments since I was curious how they are going to expand on the Resistance faction later (unless Kalium is building new ship variants and classes). It might also make more sense to bring in some new stuff at DFC level but the new additions in question don't have enough ground assets to have a full faction present in DZC.

With Earth now being contested, I hope future installments will start going into the rest of the universe and begin expanding outwards as contact with other races will be more possible particularly if what is going on with the unknown Scourge area and whatever the Shaltari is doing brings in more races into the conflict. This could work well as a good foothold would bring in more minor alien races as 'mercenaries' like they did with Pungari. Even if it is just one or a few ships, it would be a good way to test out some new ideas without causing massive shifts in the game, which could easily be changed with the PDF before it hits the next book. As time goes on, they could probably flesh new factions from it if they wish or even create an Alliance kind of faction of minor races with individual strengths and weaknesses but no cohesive race-wide advantages.

One idea I wouldn't mind seeing something expanded on is through something like Corruptor possibly represented as a Colony creature, which could be some kind of alien pathogen or replicating nanomachines that maybe went rogue from the PHR. The idea is that the more tokens gets placed on a ship rather than doing 'damage' has other effects like messing with weapon systems to make them less effective or eventually killing the crew by taking out life support and becomes a husk drifting in space. Given enough time, perhaps it could even take over the enemy ship and be controlled (though this sort of thing would not be feasible for heavy to super-heavy classes of ships). Or instead of ships the carrier could be some sort of large Alien like an 'infected' Void Whale-like creature if they want to expand Fauna into DFC, which could be interesting to see more biological stuff in space especially after seeing that Ether Drake.

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by Orchaldor »

Just thinking out loud...

You could expand the Pungari into a full list of cheap, disposable and suicidally brave units. Make all units pretty poor on their own, but give them the ability to combine their strengths (possibly in new and unique ways). Effectively a horde army that rewards good positional play and synergy rather than simply charging head first. As mentioned above, other Shaltari client races could be involved instead, I just went Pungari as they are in the game already and have a good differential to their parent faction.

PHR - what about the race that created the White Sphere? I imagine them to be super high-tech, devastating on the battlefield but very low in numbers.

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Re: New Factions ideas

Post by BlackLegion »

I would like to see a robot faction. They could have a lot of small weak units which can combine to form larger stronger units.

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