How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

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How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by Bushman101 »

Just curious.
I wonder if TTC or Hawk looks in here to see our opinion/experience with the rules or how we feel about the game.

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Re: How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by NiciusMax »

this is a fan forum, we are not affiliated with TTCombat. That being said, they do know this forum exists and there is communication between the moderator team team and TTCombat.

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Re: How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by Gauntlet »

You should not expect TTC to respond or even read anything within the forums. They might some day, but that would likely be individual initiative of a particular employee or such.

TTC have made it very clear that they are only taking feedback via Facebook, and now, the commenting via their community page.

I just want to be clear, that if you want to be "heard" by TTC, the proper channel is their community page/facebook.

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Re: How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by overlord »

I'm personally hoping that if we get a lot of activity and discussion on this forum, that it becomes the "go to" replacement for the old forum. That might then change the opinion of the people who bought Dropzone Commander.

The trouble with Facebook is that everything gets lost further and further down the feed. So the same questions will again and again be asked. Mind you, there is a search where you can search the group. But it's quite a different experience to a forum.

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Re: How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by juz »

Hey Bushman 101, just to reassure you that whilst TTCombat know of and are happy with this forum it is completely the initiative of a few enthusiastic individuals. Constructive feedback and critique are welcome, but knives out character assassination of anyone including the games suppliers won't be doing anyone any favours. I love openess, but don't like toxicity...I guess that's why we all value (and want to grow) this community 😁
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Re: How 'offical / unoffical' are the forums?

Post by Jason The Bruce »

We should start mentioning these forums on Getting Tabled to help get it moving faster
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