Fan forum, fan support?

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Fan forum, fan support?

Post by Thunderboy »

Hi Folks,

So with the founding admins we got the first 2 years covered for paying for the forum.
If you want to donate to to keep this up & running and adding competitions including doing some prize support. Then send a few €/$ to our Paypal account: treasurer.dropcomm @

This could pay for some competitions and future renewal.
You'll get acces to the admins'lounge, if you want it.
Just put your username in the the notes on Paypal.

Thank you for reading, supporting and having fun here.

Your admin team!
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Re: Fan forum, fan support?

Post by Orchaldor »

A bunch of awesome people (plus me!) banded together to create a place where we could share and discuss our love of the Drop Commander universe, be it through painting, converting, story-telling, perhaps even some gaming! :roll:

We wanted to capture the feel of how things were in the days when the Hawk forum was fully operational, and make somewhere for the community to call home.

Ultimately though, it is the community that will make this site really fly. The more people who contribute (not just financially, but also with activity and content), the better this place will be.

As treasurer, I can assure you that every penny goes to this site (keeping it ad-free as well!), but we depend entirely on the donations of our members.

Thank you!

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