Area Weapons Fire at Units on Walls

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Area Weapons Fire at Units on Walls

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The area weapon rules are a little confusing in terms of when you lose the template. It seems that firing at a building you lose the template. Makes sense, but then firing at a unit of the walls means you can still use the template...but the guys on the walls are only representational and not "actually standing there" so is how this interaction works covered anywhere?

As i see it there are two answers.

a) Place template and tot up how many units you happen to be under it. Each infantry units touched takes D6 hits. This seems odd to me as units don't have to be anywhere near each other on a wall and in fact cover an abstract number of floors etc.

b) The template isn't useful and each area weapon hit afflicts a single infantry unit with D6 hits. I actually like this interpretation as it does make the infantry more survivable, representing them spreading between floors quite well.

Pretty sure i'd go with B but wondering if there are any confirmations in the rules?

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Re: Area Weapons Fire at Units on Walls

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Your B interpretation seems more reasonable, but I would like to point out "All units are always counted as being within 1" of every other unit (friendly and enemy) in the same Garrison." Pg 270, Moving in a Garrison

Under an explicit reading, this means the 4" template automatically covers all infantry and the Garrison on a successful hit roll.

I do not think the book has an explicit method of handling this situation. Strange, given the existence of E4 Area anti-infantry weapons and that 1st Ed had an explicit rule that could have been copy-pasted.

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