Scourge 1750

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Scourge 1750

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Trying to maximise for V2 and to take advantage of the flying circus:

Name: Unnamed Army

Faction: Scourge

Planned Points: 1750

Points: 1741

Commander 1 || Sphere of Influence:24" || CV:6 || Cost:155pts

Battle Groups
HQ Group 1

Armour Group 1
Hunter x 9
Eradicator x 1

Frontline Group 1
Troops Warriors x 2
Eviscerators x 2

Frontline Group 2
Troops Warriors x 2
Destroyers x 2

Vanguard Group 1
Screamer x 1

Vanguard Group 2
Monitor x 4
Monitor x 4

Auxiliary and Transports

Raider x 2
Marauder x 2
Invader x 4
Harbinger with Mini Arc Caster x 3
Despoiler with Twin Plasma Cannons x 1
Vampires x 1

Hunters get a first turn threat range of 32". Similar for the HQ crab. Empty Raider and Harbinger ftw (Flying circus! Yeah baby!).

Cv6 to make sure I can double attack with my infantry and get the flying circus in 1st every turn after drop off with: 4 flamers, 3 arc casters, 2 Plasma hoses, a Vampire and Twin plasma cannon on top of what I actually want to activate. Also should help to get the last activation on turn 1 to respond to infantry movements with my Eviscerators or alpha strike something with my 9 hunters.

I'm sure I could beard this up a bit more with better BG placement but that'll do for now.

Alpha strikes and alpha strikes hard.

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