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Back in action

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So my first attempt with V2

Name: Test 1

Faction: UCM

Planned Points: 1500

Points: 1500


Commander 1 || Sphere of Influence:8" || CV:2 || Cost:35pts

Commander 2 || Sphere of Influence:16" || CV:4 || Cost:95pts

Battle Groups
HQ Group 1
Command Kodiac x 1 105pts a6 Total Cost: 105pts (condor)
Scout Wolverine A x 4 18pts b1 Total Cost: 72pts (2*raven B)

Armour Group 1

Standard Sabre x 6 33pts a2 Total Cost: 198pts
Support Rapier x 3 43pts a2 Total Cost: 129pts
(Starting in albatross)

Frontline Group 1

Troops Flak Team x 2 35pts c1 Total Cost: 70pts
Troops Legionnaires x 3 22pts c1 Total Cost: 66pts
(Starting in Bears+condor)

Frontline Group 2

Exotic Praetorians x 2 48pts c1 Total Cost: 96pts
Troops Legionnaires x 2 22pts c1 Total Cost: 44pts
(2*Raven A)

Vanguard Group 1

Support Eagle Heavy Gunship x 1 100pts Total Cost: 100pts
Support Falcon B x 2 50pts Total Cost: 100pts

Auxiliary and Transports

Auxiliary Bear x 2 15pts C3 a3 Total Cost: 30pts
Auxiliary Albatross x 1 65pts A18 Total Cost: 65pts
Auxiliary Raven A x 2 25pts C2 Total Cost: 50pts

Auxiliary Raven B with Missile Pods x 2 20pts B2 Total Cost: 40pts
Auxiliary Condor with Missile Pods x 3 35pts A6 Total Cost: 105pts

Auxiliary Archangel x 2 50pts Total Cost: 100pts
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