Scourge 1500pts

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Scourge 1500pts

Post by Nojis »

Toughts on this list? Mainly crabs with hard hitting slayers. Might be too low on infantry tough. The razorworms try to fix this a little. Prowlers are there just as cannonfodder. If they are ignored they might get a chance to kill something. These can be swapped for minders, should i do it?

Planned Points: 1500

Points: 1491


Commander 1 || Sphere of Influence:12" || CV:3 || Cost:65pts

Battle Groups

HQ Group 1
Command Oppressor x 1 150pts d3 Total Cost: 150pts
Scout Minder x 4 8pts b1 Total Cost: 32pts
Scout Monitor x 4 8pts b1 Total Cost: 32pts

Armour Group 1
Support Reaver Heavy Gunship x 1 55pts Total Cost: 55pts
Standard Stalker x 3 25pts d1 Total Cost: 75pts
Heavy Slayer x 2 65pts a3 Total Cost: 130pts
Extras Razorworms (free) x 2 0pts Total Cost: 0pts

Frontline Group 1
Troops Warriors x 2 25pts c1 Total Cost: 50pts
Troops Warriors x 2 25pts c1 Total Cost: 50pts
Support Corruptor x 1 80pts Total Cost: 80pts
Extras Razorworms (free) x 3 0pts Total Cost: 0pts

Vanguard Group 1
Exotic Eviscerators x 2 50pts c1 Total Cost: 100pts
Support Eradicator x 1 145pts d3 Total Cost: 145pts

Vanguard Group 2
Exotic Eviscerators x 2 50pts c1 Total Cost: 100pts
Scout Prowler x 4 9pts b1 Total Cost: 36pts

Auxiliary and Transports
Auxiliary Harbinger x 3 45pts D3 V2 Total Cost: 135pts
Auxiliary Intruder Beta x 3 24pts B4 Total Cost: 72pts
Auxiliary Marauder x 1 40pts A6 V2 Total Cost: 40pts
Auxiliary Intruder Alpha x 4 36pts C2 Total Cost: 144pts

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Re: Scourge 1500pts

Post by kimek »

Sole reaver doesn't look good. It's either better to drop the gunship, or drop Monitors/Minders + Intruder Beta to get enough points for second Reaver.

And two squads of Eviscerators is a good way to ensure that enemy wouldn't have a LOT of infantry left.

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Re: Scourge 1500pts

Post by Thunderboy »

I like it, the single reaver can mop up a last dp from big unit's, with it's 2 shots.
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