Completing a Scourge Fleet

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Completing a Scourge Fleet

Post by Yossarian78 »

So I am casually filling out my fleet consisting of:
Scourge Ships:
1x Dragon
1x Banshee, 2x Basilisk (1 unbuilt)
Heavy Cruisers
1x Shenlong, 1x Raiju
1x Sphinx, 1x Ifrit, 1x Hydra, 2x Chimera, 2x Wyvern,
Light Cruisers
2x Yokai
3x Succubus
2x Lamassu, 1x Shedu
6x Djinn, 6x Gargoyle, 6x Harpy, 4x Scylla, 3x Charybdis
6x Nickar

I have 3x cruiser hulls and 3x frigates to complete (plus the kickstarter battlecruiser). SO 1x Hydra, 1x cruiser (which?) and 1x heavy cruiser (which?)??? What should I do with the frigate builds?

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Re: Completing a Scourge Fleet

Post by Gauntlet »

To be honest... you don't need three Battle-cruisers in my opinion. Might be prudent to sell and acquire more Frigates/etc.

I would recommend:

1 Hydra
1 Chimera
2 Gargoyles
1 Charybdis

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Re: Completing a Scourge Fleet

Post by Thunderboy »

I'm with Gauntlet on this.
Except I personaly love the closeaction BattleCruiser Manticor. So I'd magnetish it or just build it!
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