My LGT list

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My LGT list

Post by Drcox »

So from the small event at the London GT I came first.

Now the missions were slightly unusual in that there were a lot of points available for destroying sectors and stations.

As such I took the following list which gave me three wins - all of which were pretty big and also helped me rack up a lot of kills too.

Any thoughts appreciated

SuperB - 1490pts
Shaltari - 0 launch assets

SR15 Flag battlegroup (290pts)
1 x Diamond - 290pts - S
   + High Starchief (40pts, 5AV)

SR20 Vanguard battlegroup (415pts)
1 x Sapphire - 185pts - H
2 x Turquoise - 230pts - M

SR12 Vanguard battlegroup (195pts)
1 x Jet - 165pts - H
2 x Voidgate - 30pts - L

SR10 Line battlegroup (220pts)
2 x Amber - 220pts - M

SR8 Line battlegroup (145pts)
1 x Emerald - 100pts - M
3 x Voidgate - 45pts - L

SR5 Pathfinder battlegroup (185pts)
3 x Topaz - 111pts - L
2 x Topaz - 74pts - L
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Re: My LGT list

Post by Thunderboy »

My thoughts: congratulations!
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Re: My LGT list

Post by NiciusMax »

That is an unusualist. Would you care to explain your thought process behind it?

And congratulations!

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Re: My LGT list

Post by Drcox »

Of the three missions, all had bonus points for destroying sectors/stations. As such felt comfortable going heavy bombardment and light drop.

Also as it was 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and no VP modifiers for killing your opponent - it really freed the list to focus on achieving the mission (though I did rack up lots of kills)

As such my aim on all Missions was to get max points by destroying things by turn 4 so would win. The mission with raze scoring also suits Shaltari as bombardment + nukes meant the ground was destroyed ASAP.

So yeah an unusual build but worked due to the mission pack

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