Resistance tanks, transports and artillery

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Resistance tanks, transports and artillery

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I really like the many ways of list building Resistance has, but I found myself and others in my LCG avoiding some elements that seem sub par compared to other ones. What are your thoughts and experiences?

A) Tanks and transports

Resistance tanks are too slow to act on their own and thus require Lifthawks transporting them. While the Lifthawk is a reasonable option to transport a heavy tank of 100 or 120 points, the investment of taking a 55 points Lifthawk to transport 80 points of Hannibals is a very high tax (about 69%). I like the AA cannon upgrade of the Lifthawk to make it do more than just transporting, but this makes it even more expensive as a transport option.
The tax ratio is much better for Zhukovs, but Zhukovs are overpriced. A single shot is ineffective against aircraft that rely on evasion (even when hitting there is still a 1/6 chance of failing to damage). E8 seems good against well armored aircraft at first glance, but this proves wrong: After hitting the chance of failing is 1/3 against armor 11 and 50% against armor 12. Against aircraft that have both (i.e. evasion and good armor), the chance of doing damage is very low. A gambler´s weapon is just not worth 70 points. Why ever take Zhukovs when you can take Gun Wagons instead? Gun Wagons are stable, effective and easy to transport by hovercraft. I think the Zhukov needs a price drop or an increase of energy on the rail cannon.

I do not have any experience with the Mehmed, so I cannot comment on that.

Fortunantely, Resistance does not dependend on tanks. It still makes me sad that that the medium tanks are very rarely taken. After all I think Resistance either needs a price drop on the Lifthawk, a better air transport or a drop of weight of the medium tanks from 3 to 2 (thus making a Lifthawk able to transport 3 medium tanks instead of 2).

Concerning other Resistance transports:
The hovervraft and the Strikehawks are fine. The Skulltaker was not nearly worth 90 points in my games. It is basically a Lifthawk with better weapons transporting infantry for a hefty price increase. A battle bus in a Kraken has the same capacity and more range of dropping for half the points. That is why I think the Skulltaker needs a drop in points.
The model 109 Breaching Drill is a good option to extract objectives, but the capacity of 6 makes it very inflexible. It can unload a minimum squad of technicals, a squad of Scout ATVs or Freeriders. There would be many more options at a capacity of 8 (a bigger squad of technicals or 2 squads of Scout ATVs/Freeriders).
The model 209 Breaching Drill performed well in my games, no need to change.

B) Artillery and scouts

The Leviathan proved such a good artillery piece in my games that I do not ever consider the pricey upgrade to AA cannons. Guns Wagons in a Kraken are a better AA option than a Leviathan. That is why I think the Leviathan AA upgrade needs to drop in points (maybe to 10 points instead of 30).

The Storm Wagon proved to be a very poor artillery piece (quite short range, bad accuracy, MF 0). They are also bad at direct shooting, because they have to drive into LOS of the enemy without any counter measures to shoot next turn... well, they obviously do not survive until shooting. That is why I think MF of the Storm Wagon needs to change from 0 to at least 3". The way they are now, there is no reason to ever take Storm Wagons when you can take Leviathans or Thunder Wagons instead.

Concerning scouts: There is no use in taking Scout ATVs when you can take Freeriders instead. Enhanced targeting and disruptor array look good on paper, but the ATVs are shot down easily and cannot enter buildings. Even against disrupted targets they still have worse evasion than Freeriders. That is why I always take Freeriders instead of Scout ATVs. Freeriders are cheaper, faster, have better evasion and can enter buildings to search for objectives. That is why I think Scout ATVs need to drop in points or to get better evasion.

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