Different Hazard suits

The ground game set in the Commanderverse.
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Different Hazard suits

Post by Wolfmire »

They could be like terminators. I'd like to see a mini-gun, a Missile and/or a Shotgun CQC (like bolted to their arms, sort of like the NC in PlanetSide 2) Variant.

would also like to have more info on how forest work. The idea that a large forest works like a garrison is retarded. I don't care if they're immortals, they shouldn't be able to travel across the entire forest in one turn
I hope we get to the point that we surpass at least WarHammer Fantasy. It might knock some sense into GW then... MIGHT

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Re: Different Hazard suits

Post by Gauntlet »

I've been keeping some Wolverine AA turrets for the day I get another batch of Hazards to swap them in instead of the railguns...

and I don't know how it would work, but I'd love to have some Flamer Hazards too.

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Re: Different Hazard suits

Post by Mr.prowler »

I doubt it'll happen, but starship troopers/forever war style "heavy" hazards would be cool.

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Re: Different Hazard suits

Post by Thunderboy »

Just convert them, and use some house rules
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