Post your reviews of DZC 2.

The ground game set in the Commanderverse.
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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

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Don't have much to say at the moment but the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to use any transport, not just the one assigned to that group. Makes so much more sense.

Sorry if this didn't make it into the final book. I used the trial rules with this.
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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

Post by Bushman101 »

Played a 2v2 game today.

Played the mission Reversal. Let me tell you, the WMD rule for that mission is savage. After the center garrison was destroyed with the objective in it, half of the units on the board went away (we rolled a 11" for distance).

Games are getting a bit more smoother the more we play.

I'm a bit disappointed I can no longer mix Wolverine types. I really liked mixing A's and B's for a more balanced unit and filling out my points.

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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

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I guess Fast Movers are now more viable. Quite necessary for certain missions like Targets of Opportunity.

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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

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"Bunny hop" isn't possible anymore btw. Only if the Aerial Transport has already landed the previous turn it kind of works but the disembarked Squad can't do anything because it already use up its activation while embarking on the landed Aerial Transport.

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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

Post by Jakata »

Hi everyone,

Here's my 2 cents.

Yesterday I managet to play my first game. 1000pts game against UCM. First Scenario.

I will describe here the game, it lasted for 3 turns:
1st turn:
Typical aproach turn, everyone getting in postions. Nothing remarkable except my Mercury drones could start scanning for the next turn.

2nd turn:
Here the things heads up. I didn't deployed my Zeus, so I had 0 CV, but anyways, I won the initiative roll.
This is important, because I decided to go 2nd, and with the help of one card, I could sneak a valk squad into the objective without activating. So, in my first activation, the valk grabs the objective, and starts running to my field of the battlefield (almost unopposed 2 points here for me).
This is important because he landed his infantry in other objective in the center, but instead of trying to grab the objective, he shooted my medusa, who was on open field through the windows.

On my last activation, I managed to put 2 units of Inmortals on the "disputed" objetive.

A part of this, he was wipping me off the board with his general (the one with Orbital bombardment, and some flyers), and moved his other infantry to the other objective.

3rd turn:
There's my 2nd lucky roll. I again managed to win initiative (even he had only a 1CV I was a bit lucky).

As I won the initiative, I had 2 options here, run with the valks in their aerial transport, and got 2 inmediate points, OR, try to grab the objective with my Inmortals and run as far as I can with them, in order to make him have 2 different objectives to shoot.

I decided to grab the objective, and there's my 3rd lucky roll, I throw the dice, and a 5 shows up. So I grab the objective, run into the Juno, and into the Neptune.

So, at the start of 3rd turn, I almost had won. I had 2/3 objectives discovered, and in the air.

He then shoots my flyers (quite lucky from his side), but I manage to land the inmortals in an unoccupied building near my medusa, and the valks survive unharmed from the crash.
After this, he shoots my valk with the orbital bombardment, and one of them survive, who runs out the field with the objective.

The medusa then, grabs the objective from the inmortals, and also runs out the field, giving me the victory.

After that, we decided to stop playing. If we had continued, he for sure will wipe out my entire army, and grab and secure the other objective.

My general impresions are that the game is still funny. The shooting battle was one-sided (he had better luck on shoots than me), also I did some mistakes, and my Zeus was wiped out on 2nd turn.
But, I was luckier than him on the objective game, and here comes the "but", he didn't had any chance to stop me of grabbing the objective and run away. My valks just got the objectives unopposed, and my inmortals entered the building, shoot some of them to lesser his numbers, and grab the objective without my opponent been able to do absolutely nothing.
Sure he shoots my flyers down after, but then, the objectives were way too far in my table.

Also, for the rest of the rules.
The cards, even I managed to grab one objective with the help of one card, I believe there are not as useful, or intimidating are were before (I remember of be afraid of the UCM aerial support, and my opponent fearing my card was not the one that makes me fire twice).
The CQB, seems stupidly bloody to not be simultaneous and to not lock into combat (that mades me win this time).
The units, it's a pain in the ass to not have the stats written in the book, you need a tablet with you, or print 13 pages of stats... Also, we believe there are some units that doesn't have the correct stats (I'm looking at you, sirens...).

Overall, the game seems that has not changed that much, it seems is a bit quicker than before, and has less advanced rules (like CQB).
On the bad side, the army creation part seems a complete mess, you need to revise the army 3 or 4 times just to ensure that all your units have the appropiate transport. And the # of battlegroups isn't also clear. I believe the builder has to improve a lot to make things better.

And to end this thoughts, I still have to check more different scenarios, and different units, but it seems that there are some "kings and queens" on all the armies, when some other units will be relegated to oblivion because some minor changes...

Sorry for the mega post, and also sorry for my bad english.

Best Regards,


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Re: Post your reviews of DZC 2.

Post by Thunderboy »

Jakata, no worries. Your English is fine!

"I'm a bit disappointed I can no longer mix Wolverine types. I really liked mixing A's and B's for a more balanced unit and filling out my points."

Yea me too.
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