Resistance builds

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Resistance builds

Post by _ghost_ »

I really like the modularity these fection offers.
Unfortunately this means also that I feel a little lost because there are so many possibilities.

I'm talking about weapons and such.

What do you think are good layouts and or combinations.?
Go a rather one purpose only style or a one for everything?

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by Mr.prowler »

I figured mass driver or vent cannon with 2 artillery turrets and a scan array is always a solid gun cruiser option

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by wundergoat »

For the turrets -
Vent cannons are the most powerful in general though they have some randomness to them. Overcharge makes them strong if you only take one, despite unstable. However since unstable triggers any time you use weapons free, they are less attractive on ships that want to weapons free often. For this reason, they do not mix well with mass driver turrets.

Artillery are great guns, roughly as strong as a vent cannon on standard orders. Low power makes them pair up with vent cannons very well. 1 vent cannon and 2 artillery turrets makes for great firepower on standard orders.

The mass driver turret is the weakest on standard orders but has a big power spike on weapons free. If you are using this gun, it is best to mount several to maximize the impact of weapons free. Fun fact - a light cruiser packing triple mass drivers is only 75pts and hits roughly as hard as a weapons free amber but with a 270° arc.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by Bill S »

I am liking 2 vent cannons and one artillery turret. Subsystem network means you can fire both vent cannons at a time on standard orders, and the low powered artillery turret is icing on the cake.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by rocanegra »

Here're the builds I've been testing recently:
Sniper role:
[H] Heavy Cruiser (100) 130
Scanner Array (10)
2 x N-31 Hybrid Gun Bank (5)
2 x N-11 Artillery Cannon Bank (5)

Launch support and commander:
[H] Heavy Cruiser (100) 142
Ablative Armor (12)
2 x Fighters & Bombers (10)
2 x XN-31 Mass Driver Turret (5)

Troop lander:
[M] Medium Cruiser (70) 107
Ablative Armor (12)
2 x Bulk Lander & Fire Ship (10)
N-109 Bombardment Mortar Turret (5)

Sniper role (I'm not very happy with this configuration though)
[M] 1 x Medium Cruiser (70) 95
Scanner Array (10)
2 x XN-31 Mass Driver Turret (5)
N-11 Artillery Cannon Bank (5)

Multipurpose dropships, use active scan twice on first turn, then go to atmosphere asap:
[L] Strike Carrier (26) 144
Sensor Dome (10)

Consistent damage frigates, I'm very happy with them:
[L] Heavy Frigate (32) 152
2 x N-31 Hybrid gun Turret (3)

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by Dread2005 »

I am not sure yet but, how about some CAW ships...

2x Light Cruiser, Scaner, 2x NC16 missile banks is 172 pts Scan 8" Thrust 9" and 12+4D3 (24) Attacks one Broadside max 46 Attacks both Broadsides

2x Heavy frigate, 2x NC16 missile 84 pts scan 4" thrust 9" 10+4D3 (22) Attacks F/S/R

3x Frigates, 1x NC16 missile 120 pts scan 4" thrust 11" 9+3D3 (18) Attacks F/S/R

The heavy frigates have the highest Output.

The Frigates are the fastest and can benefit of the Rear Vector.

The Light Cruiser can have biggest scanrange, overall the highest range with thrust+scan.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by Lorn »

They are genuily terrible, at least the Cruisers.

First off you get, 8+4d3 (average16) Lock 3+ side arc attacks + 4 Lock 4+ Attacks Lock 4+ is a lot worse since you have -50% Crits, secondly lets compare those to something similar.

2 Strix give us 8+4d6 (average 22) Lock 3+ attacks in the front and side arc with Scald (granted -2 Range), in other stats the Strix has a far better movement range, thus 1" better engagement range at the price of double the Sig. In addition you get 2XOcculus Beams for 180P.

Yet I would not say the Strix is that great, but the Resistance can build worse version of it in general I think the Resistance CaW is a bit overpriced.

Also it looks better with the Frigates (in particular the heavy assuming it has 3+ Armour) though the 4" Scan range will hurt a lot there.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by achiles625 »

When it comes to building resistance cruisers, the two most important rules are Subsystem Network and Low Power. These two rules allow resistance cruisers to maintain a steady stream of lots of damage dice while gaining few spikes. Even when they do want to go weapons free, they can still continue firing next turn at their higher standard rate while dropping all spikes due to their veteran crews. Add to that identical linked on all their broadsides and the dice gets crazy. The spike efficiency is so good that you could fire up to four weapons systems per standard order.

For example a medium cruiser with two artillery turrets and two hybrid gun bank pairs could on standard orders fire one pair of hybrid gun banks + a second pair of hybrid gun banks (linked-1) + one artillery turret (low power) + a second artillery turret (subsystem network). That is 18 dice on a 4+ lock, all without taking a single spike and still being free to turn!

This ability to minimize spikes while continuing to turn and throw out tons of dice is especially important considering their generally garbage durability and speed. With that in mind, it is IMHO best to avoid hodge-podge designs with an eclectic mixed of many different weapons and systems. it is much better to narrowly focus your designs on being good at one role for a decent price rather than having them suck at a variety of roles. What's more certain weapon systems naturally work better together than others in combination with certain systems.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by achiles625 »

On specific systems;

Artillery Turrets: These are a mainstay and a solid choice for the points. A pair of them serve very well as a secondary armament on a primary damage dealer or a primary armament on a secondary damage dealer.

Mass Driver Turret: As an earlier poster said, these do best on weapons free. They have poor dice output otherwise. So generally you want to put two or more of them on a ship that you expect to go weapons free at least a coupe of times. Because the ship is going to be taking spikes I would also recommend adding ablative armor or scanner array and not pairing them with Close Action focused weapons.

Vent Cannon Turret: A good weapon at range. A beast within scan. As such it works best on ships that have a decent scan and will survive long enough to make it within. Scanner array is an excellent system upgrade.

Bombardment Turret: Lack luster output compared to other bombardment weapons. Can benefit from subsystem network in pairs to generate respectable damage. I like to pair it with some Artillery Turrets/Banks.

Artillery Banks: Honestly, I think that they are inferior to the turrets. Their narrower arcs and poor lock combines poorly with the slowness and softness of resistance cruisers. The one area that I think they shine over the turrets is when you already have another turret pair as your main weapons' system and the ship is likely to get surrounded thus allowing you to put the full dice to work.

Hybrid Gun Banks: These are another solid choice for ships that plan to get in the mix. They work well at a variety of ranges and deal out steady damage. They are best paired with artillery turrets in order to get off up to for weapons systems per standard order.

Missile Banks: These would be good, if resistance cruisers weren't slow, soft and half-blind. As such they will rarely function to max effect. Plus resistance already has the ability to output lots of dice without going weapons free. I could see using them though on a ship that will definitely get in scan range, such as a bombardment ship or in combination with vent cannons. Unfortunately, troopships make poor fits due to the competition for limited broadside slots. Definitely get scanner array with them.

Ablative Armor: This is so essential I find it hard NOT to take it on every cruiser. Our armor, PD and thrust are just such garbage that survivability is a constant struggle. Luckily we take few spikes and have a comparatively low sig to compensate, somewhat. Best on ships that will always be target, like ships with launch!

Scanner Array: An excellent upgrade, but not essential. If you have enough ships and detector frigates you should be able to overcome your god awful scanner. This is really only a must when using scan weapons like vent cannons or missiles.

Drive Refit: This option is very subpar. It gives you a minor thrust boost which is very much needed. However, it also raises your sig, which is one of the few advantages that resistance cruisers have. For its price I can rarely find a build that couldn't come up with a better option.

Fighters & Bombers: Pricey, but you get 3. That is pretty, pretty, pretty good (to borrow a phrase). It allows you to build some very cheap carriers with significant capacity, even if they suck on almost every other metric.

Bulk Landers & Fire Ship: The launch capacity is tragically low. Fire ships are cool and all, but they still feel like a bad trade. Especially considering the fragility of resistance cruisers. I'm not convinced that it is worth it to build troopships. This is especially since they don't seem to actually be cheaper after upgrades. However, troopships are essential to some missions, so I would pair these with Ablative Armor and maybe a drive refit, if you decide to try and build some.

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Re: Resistance builds

Post by Mediocrates »

Just wanted to pop in and say kudos, achiles625, on the great analysis.
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