Getting into the game - UCM for beginners (on a budget)

The space game set in the Commanderverse.
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Getting into the game - UCM for beginners (on a budget)

Post by beta »

Hello there,

I'm stalking the game for quite a while now (since before TT-Combat took over) and I think the time has finally come to seal the deal.
My problem is that I want (well...have to) keep it a cheap as possible (too many other games and the family wants some money too ^^). So I want to start the game as optimized as I can.
My faction of choice will be UCM. It's the only faction which attracts me in terms of looks.

So my initial plan would be to go with the big battle fleet box, but I am pretty unsure what to build out of that stuff and what to add afterwards. My goal would be to have a versatile and fairly competitive (my local player meta is a bit more on the strong side)1250 pts list which I can use for all the games (at least for the time being.
I know it is quite the task to ask for such a swiss army knife, but've got to try it ^^

I've already read through a lot of different ressources and guides, but the information from different sources is often contradicting making it hard for me to get a grip on list building.
Any help and/or sample lists would be appreciated.

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Re: Getting into the game - UCM for beginners (on a budget)

Post by Thunderboy »

Hi Beta,

Welcome! This is a list you could make. It has a bit of everything. And just fits in the fleetbox.
It uses all ships in it. Magnets will help you alot to get the most out of it. Especially the cruisers love them.
UCM Battlebox - 1249pts
UCM - 3 launch assets

SR16 Vanguard battlegroup (305pts) (Weapons free will be this groups favorite order)
1 x Moscow - 163pts - H
1 x Lima - 37pts - L (When on Weapons free, the Lima may still scan to increase range)
1 x Rio - 105pts - M

SR11 Vanguard battlegroup (227pts)
1 x Perth - 195pts - H (BIG laser to kill cruisers)
   + UCM Commodore (20pts, 3AV)
1 x Jakarta - 32pts - L (Defense and use to active scan)

SR10 Line battlegroup (237pts)
1 x Seattle - 132pts - M (sending fighters to defend cruisers/frigates, as 3 isnt enough to attack)
1 x Berlin - 105pts - M (Give this group a bit of punch too)

SR8 Line battlegroup (177pts)
1 x San Francisco - 111pts - M (heavy drop)
3 x Santiago - 66pts - L (Clearing atmo frigates)

SR7 Pathfinder battlegroup (143pts)
2 x New Orleans - 64pts - L (After bombartment drop in)
1 x Madrid - 79pts - M (Bombartment)

SR4 Pathfinder battlegroup (140pts)
4 x Toulon - 140pts - L (Fast attack group, because of low SR) You will want to destroy your opponnonts fast group or his strikecarriers with them.,

You could drop a Toulon and add a New Orleans to this instead. But 3 Toulons is advised because of the squadron rule & a UCM Command Card
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Re: Getting into the game - UCM for beginners (on a budget)

Post by Orchaldor »

Magnets are definitely your friend, as Thunderboy says. I did the same for my fleet - not every ship, but enough to allow me to customise my fleet any way I like.

The beauty of UCM is that you can evolve your approach to suit your personal style, and add more of whatever elements work best for you. Or just go crazy and get lots of everything like I did!!! (see my entire fleet “Task Force Albion” in the Dropfleet Shipyards part of the Showcase section to see what I mean :lol: )

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Re: Getting into the game - UCM for beginners (on a budget)

Post by NiciusMax »

I would at least magnetize the cruisers. For the heavy cruiser you can safely build a Moscow. The St peterburg is overshadowed by the Perth anyway.

For a battlecruiser build a Perth.

I would dedicate two light cruisers to New Carios, make 1 seattle an magnetize the rest.

Frigates are pushfit. Build max New Orleans ( I think half of your frigates) for the rest you can push fit the sides for flexibility

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