Ship names

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Ship names

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Was reading the fluff again last night, and got looking at the numbers of ships that the UCM has - over 3500 fighting vessels of Frigate weight, over 900 cruisers, 86 Battleships, 9 Dreadnoughts and 5 Super Carriers. However, of the super-heavies, three dreadnoughts were lost over Olympus, and the Firelord was lost over Earth.

And that's not even the worst of it, since the Scourge are estimated to outnumber the UCM 3-2, although I wouldn't be surprised if the intel docs are wrong, and its more like 2 or 3-1. Not counting the Super Dreadnoughts?

Still, it got me thinking about the names the ships use. Most navies seem to have some naming conventions, but the UCM seems to be all over the place - concepts/aspects, people's names, place names, they all seem to be jumbled around within the classes. The only thing that does seem constant is the convention that the class is named after the first ship of the class that was laid down.

Still, with limited super-heavies, we could probably work out some good names for them. Going from those listed in the rulebooks:

London-Class Dreadnought
- London
- Robert A Bernard
- Destiny
- Sceptered Empress
- Firelord
- Triumph
- ?
- ?
- ?

Washington-Class Supercarrier
- Washington
- Eisenhower
- Nimitz
- Our Will
- Shield of Aurum

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Re: Ship names

Post by Gauntlet »

Well personally I'm happy that the names vary so much, as it gives creative freedom to players to name their ships as they see fit...

For example, I name all my UCM ships after battles. Stalingrad, Verdun, Midway, Metaurus, etc.

I suppose you could make the case though that each individual shipyard has it's own naming scheme?

I think Verdun would be a great name for a London class Dreadnought.

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