How many ships does a Resistance make?

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How many ships does a Resistance make?

Post by draco84oz »

I got another delivery of Resistance ships today (send help!) and I got to wondering, "Geez, these are some really excellent frames to be playing around with. I wonder how many combinations are possible with them?" And since I love maths...

BTW - feel free to check my figures - I don't claim to know everything about maths (did you know the sum of all positive integers is -1/12?)

So, there are two separate sprues in the Resistance box - the Frigate sprue, which can me used to make up to 4 ships, and the Cruiser sprue, which makes one a piece. I would put my own pics here outlining all the various components, but I'm lazy, and TT Combat has already done that on one of their blogs.

Lets start with the Frigates.


Red - Prows x 6
Orange - Hull x 4
Green - Engines x 4
Yellow - Heavy Frigate Armour x 4
Purple - "top pieces" (seem to be used for strike carriers)
Cyan - Weapons (3 types)
Purple - Sensor Dome x 2
Pink - Gubbins x 2

So how many combos is that? Well:

8 (4 Hulls, 2 orientations each) x
9 (Prows - 3 can only go one way, 3 can be flipped) x
6 (engines - 2 can go only one way, 2 can be flipped) x
13 (top pieces (4 armour (2 orientations) + 2 stike carrier pieces (2 orientations) + no armour)) x
14 (4 one weapon/dome, 10 combos of 2 weapons/domes) x
4 (gubbins - A, B, A+B, none)


314,496 combinations.

:o :o :o

oooookay...thats a few more than anticpated. Ain't multiplication grand?

Now the cruisers:


Orange - Hull x 1
Red - Prow pieces x 6, 2 required per prow
Green - Engines x 4, 2 required at end of ship
Blue - Broadside weapon sets x 6
Cyan - Turrets x 4
Yellow - Armour Pieces x 4
Purple - weapons mounts x 3
Pink - Gubbins x 4
Turquoise - special part

Now, I've done some basic figures in my head, and I think this is going to get very large very fast, even before I add in most of the stuff, because, unlike the frigates, there are multiple mounting spots for each part...

2 (hull, 2 orientations) x
36 (prows - 2 parts per) x
16 (engines - 2 parts per) x
49 (no broadside, 6 single broadside (2 locations each), 36 combos of twin broadside) x
30 (turrets - no turret, 3 singles, 6 double combos, each with 3 possible mounts)

And I'm going to stop there, because that is already...

1,693,440 combinations, but it still isn't the full story:

- Because you can mount turrets on multiple locations on the hull
- Because the turquoise special part can allow you to mount engines in locations other than the end of the hull, allowing you to use prow pieces to take the gap at the end
- Because there a multiple places and orientations to place the armour pieces.
- On the hull alone, there are 6 locations to mount the gubbins...and with the right arrangment, you can potentially mount all of them!

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

So next time you think there are no possible ways left to make your scrapfleet, think again.

Now please excuse me, I'm going to alter my state of consciousness before my brain threatens to walk out...again...

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Re: How many ships does a Resistance make?

Post by Orchaldor »

That’s a lot of combos! I generally like to have a bit of everything in my lists... but I don’t think I’ll try that with this fleet!!! :o

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